With Plazus, people own control and monetize on their data using peer to peer advertising;
We see a future where blockchain technology is being adopted by everyone. Plazus development agency is helping companies dealing with sensitive HR data, and businesses wanting to overcome security gaps and automate business flows get there faster and better.

We have a second chance of re-imagining how we chose to communicate online, let’s work together to make the world a better place.

Today’s social media platforms are not equipped to manage large groups in an efficient and effective manner.

Plazus is a decentralized communication protocol that makes it easier to manage and promote large groups using the power of word of mouth . The protocol simplifies the complex communication challenges in managing a large group by identifying who the members are (KYC) and rewarding them when they promote the group on their social channels. data is stored in a decentralized manner allowing the users to own control and monetize on their data.



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Members can better filter chats received

Members own their data, encrypted and decentralized

Giving the power to the people where people monetize directly

Admin managers can better manage and verify members

Admins can reward members based on their participation in the group


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