Increase security and streamline processes utilizing blockchain and AI technologies


Welcome to Plazus, a software agency focused on creating solutions for small to medium-size businesses.
We provide leading tools to increase security and streamline processes utilizing blockchain and AI technologies focused on customer loyalty, cross border payments, compliance, fraud detection, and HR processes, allowing businesses to save time, money, and operate with peace of mind.

Our mission is to create growth opportunities for forward-thinking companies
by digitizing their business process.


Be Ahead of Your Competitors

We evaluate your business and provide you with:
• Complete security audit on your current systems
• Discovery phase to understand your business goals and current operations
• Perform a gap analysis of where you’d like to be with your business

We always perform the following in an Agile development approach:
• Blockchain analysis and architecture
• Overall functional UI and UX requirements
• Proof of Concept development
• MVP development


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Overcome complicated redemption options, time delays and high costs for customer loyalty

Comply with employment agreements, immigration, termination and also with privacy laws such as GDPR

Be part of the disruption of how companies and individuals process financial transactions on a global scale

Automate multi-step processes, especially ones that require human interaction and are prime targets for fraudsters

Easy to start by assessing if your business can benefit from added security and automation

Introducing: The Cross Border Payment Solution

Plazus welcomes you to take part in the next-generation cross border payment platform that will save your company time and money while operating on a highly safe and secure system. Time to break away from banking institutions and own your transactions!

Organizations that settle invoices and payments throughout different parts of the world end up paying high fees through banks or other institutions without the guarantee of the best market exchange rates. Some countries are even difficult to send money to with limitations due to differences between bank operations. By using Plazus’s Cross Border Payment Solution, your management team will have full control of billing, payments, and transfers fully accessible as part of your internal software system to use at any time.


Cross border payments just became easier,
allowing you to process financial transactions:

• at a faster transfer time than leading payment options on the market today,
• with the best exchange rates at the time of transfer,
• without having to work with an external banking institution and incurring transaction fees,
• utilizing a seamless, intuitive, and integrated platform available at your fingertips,
• between counties where digital banking may not be available,
• backed by Barclays bank and built on blockchain technology for added security and integrity.





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