We believe in a society where large tribes communicate effectively where we can all claim our digital identities and monetize on online attention using the power of blockchain technology.

Today’s social media platforms are not equipped to manage large groups in an efficient and effective manner. Plazus is a decentralized encrypted communication protocol for large groups enabling them to own their data while communicating effectively, identify members, run reward programs and monetize on their data.

4Mil users registered to use Plazus protocol: universities, influencers and events, we are now partnering with tribes from the crypto world that manage communities such as: AmaZix, Cointelligence and Blockchain education, Cryptochicks.

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Members can better filtered chats received

Members own their data, encrypted and decentralized

Giving the power to the people where people monetize directly

Admin managers can better manage and verify members

Admins can reward members based on their participation in the group