We see a future where blockchain technology is being adopted by everyone.
Plazus development agency is helping companies dealing with sensitive HR data, and businesses wanting to overcome security gaps and automate business flows get there faster and better.

Our mission is to create growth opportunities for forward-thinking companies by digitizing their business process.

Be ahead of your competitors:
Identify and correct your vulnerabilities.
Consider automation and cryptography for robust protection of your customers data and processes.

Plazus is a software and services company that enables small to medium size businesses create integrity around their business using blockchain and AI technology in: customer loyalty, cross border payments, compliance, fraud detection and HR processes.


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Overcome complicated redemption options, time delays and high costs for customer loyalty

Comply with employment agreements, immigration, termination and also with privacy laws such as GDPR

Be part of the disruption of how companies and individuals process financial transactions on a global scale

Automate multi-step processes, especially ones that require human interaction and are prime targets for fraudsters

Easy to start by assessing if your business can benefit from added security and automation





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