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Create your own social network outside social networks.

  • Are you interested in creating a private, distraction free, communication channel?
  • Email marketing is falling short on performance, try instead a direct channel to their phone.
  • Want to increase your e-commerce sales? direct market to them .
  • You've always wanted an app for your brand. Now you have Plazus, build one in 5 min!

Will I be billed once I sign up?

To create a private app on your phone, it's only $10/ month for up to 50 downloads.

Can I change my plan later?

Sure! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at anytime from within your account.

What do you mean by "Private Communication"?

You DON'T have to publish apps on the store in order to start using privately. so if you ever wanted to have a secret app and invite people to communicate on it, just build one.
In case you do wanted to it's a 1click to auto publish on the Apple and Google stores.

How are we different?

We actually care about your privacy and allow you to communicate privately with your tribe and completely under your name and brand.
Plazus is the only app builder out there that helps you build NATIVE apps; high performance non-web-based with high usability standards and design.
Within minutes you will have a private communication app completely customized to your brand!

Will my data be safe?

Rest easy! Data in Plazus is protected by 256-bit SSL security. Apps are created using encrypted code and no data is disclosed to third party access.

Questions? Email support [at]

Email us Monday to Friday during business hours (Pacific Time) or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Want to become a reseller with Plazus? Contact us at support [at] for special reseller pricing.

Reseller pricing is available to resellers who sell a minimum of 50 subscriptions. One subscription includes an iPhone and Android app.


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