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Galya Westler, a powerful role model for women around the world

Galya’s favorite quote: “Life is like a centrifuge-rapid changes benefit the fast thinkers, all the rest are on the edges.” -David Westler would you say? Most people would say “that sounds awesome- and it could be huge...except there’s just one...

Making Healthy Connections

The social media available to help us connect with one another are ever-increasing, but they are not always effective. In fact, they often have the opposite effect – when we realize...

Loneliness and Inadequacy

We experience feelings of loneliness and inadequacy. examining how technology affects our addiction online and in the real world.

Get Acquainted With An Entrepreneur; Galya Westler

She is one of the speakers at TEDx-Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, May 28th in Vancouver, Canada and her topic, not coincidentally, is Social Media Loneliness and Technology Addiction...

Galya Westler – Helping Other Women Succeed

Galya Westler has some strong opinions about women. She sees many of her female peers holding themselves back and not fulfilling their potential. Galya knows a thing or two about success, having incorporated 2 companies since she relocated to Vancouver from Israel a few years ago.

Galya Westler Talks About Social Media “Obesity” at TEDxStanleyPark

Galya has created a movement to go back to the times when people used to communicate more intimately and more humbly. She will be speaking at TEDxStanleyPark on May 28, 2016 about “Social Media Obesity and our Loneliness”.