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One of the most basic business mistakes is focusing more on new customers than existing ones. Not only does this approach tend to alienate your existing customers, encouraging them to look elsewhere, it is also more expensive. According to HubSpot, it costs about 5-10X more for a business to acquire a new customer than it does to […]

How to create a social app within minutes

Create your community app within minutes, watch this tutorial to learn how to quickly customize your app and when you’re done, click on the download button and you can share the link to download your app on your iPhone or Android devices to test it out. When you’re ready to submit to Apple and Google, […]

Take that Marissa Mayer!

You know that feeling when you are new to a job and they put you in “that open space” area where everyone can see your computer screen with zero privacy?? Okay, so you like to check your Facebook account and see who liked your recent post or maybe it’s your first two weeks and  you […]

Real Time Push Notifications

EASILY SET UP PUSH NOTIFICATION TO ALERT AND NOTIFY YOUR AUDIENCE IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS Click on either “iPhone apps” or “Android apps”, and select the app you wish to have ‘push notifications’ activated: Click on ‘App Settings: Within the “push notification” tab, you can turn on ongoing alerts for activities that are happening within […]

Plazus for Zen Centers

Although, at first glance may seem redundant with the broad adoption of Facebook (more than a billion users worldwide), why would a great deal of interest be expressed in using small niche social network as app created using the Plazus mobile social app builder. Many Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are interested in using their own niche or vertical […]

The Future is Fragmented

As humans, we have a tendency to push the limits of what our technology can do before considering what it should do. Such is the case with what I call ‘Big Social’: the social media giants, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These tools have given us a social reach and scale of connectivity unprecedented in […]

The Chicken & Egg Problem: How to build your marketplace from scratch

If I told you that I wanted to start an online marketplace, called Ebay, where sellers could auction off their stuff and buyers could bid on just about anything you can imagine, what would you say? Most people would say “that sounds awesome- and it could be huge…except there’s just one problem: how are you going […]