Plazus. Connecting People with Communities

“When you connect your passion with your people, you create the sense of feeling like you belong”

Galya Westler, CEO and Founder of Plazus Technologies inc and a TEDx Speaker. View Galya’s TEDx video here.

Galya founded Plazus after dedicated a decade of her career for connecting people online; creating custom mini social apps led her to invent Plazus for empowering businesses and individuals to build their own beautiful native app, a mini social app, at a low cost and within minutes.

Plazus Mobile-Social-App Builder is a solution for businesses that have a community needing a tool to communicate; for ex-schools connect students with companies seeking their skills, Churches communicate with their parishioners and many more…

“The big social networks of the world are too overwhelming but if we dissect it to smaller groups, we may overcome the sense of emptiness”. a quote from the TEDx “Social media obesity and our loneliness”

View Galya’s TEDx video here.

Businesses communicate with their customers mainly via email and social media but the engagement level is lower than 20%…any business would want an interactive app to communicate with their customers at an engagement level of 100%.

“Communicate your brand effectively by having your own mini social app”


Start building you app for only $10/month